October 6, 2015

Keyword Research


What is a keyword?

A keyword is, by definition, a word or small group of words that focus on a topic of significance for your particular website and industry. For example, if your business sells tires, some of your keywords could include “tire tread”, “Firestone”, “Tire Rotation” and so on. Website keywords are used as a way to connect with consumers who use that same keyword to search for results online. Businesses create content around relevant topics to their business, which helps them rank higher for particular keywords and then be connected to online searchers of said keywords.

Digital Marketing & Media Insights keyword tool assists organizations, like yourself, with the management of their keywords. Our reporting capabilities will provide you with vital keyword information, such as:

  • Overall search performance
  • Ranking of individual keywords
  • Competition to rank on certain keywords
  • Identifying competitors for specific keywords

The Digital Marketing & Media Insights team will provide an accurate competitor keyword analysis, offer appropriate keyword variations, conversion opportunities, and more for every business customer.

Why do I need to know about keywords?

Are you aware of how much a keyword is worth to your website? In order to fully understand the value of a keyword, we need to understand our own websites, make some reasonable hypotheses, test, and repeat, which is considered a classic web marketing formula. It is also vital for every business to know who exactly their demographic is online. For example, If you own an online hair accessory store, do you make more sales from visitors searching for “rainbow headbands” or “black elastics”? Specific keywords that website visitors type into search engines give merchants a window into how consumers behave online and how they find what they are looking for to purchase. Digital Marketing & Media Insights has access to tools used to compare keywords within specific industries to find out how often certain keywords are searched by consumers, how successful those searches are and compile data to show what keywords each business should be using on their website to attract more traffic.

Once your business knows what keywords are most searched by consumers for a particular industry/demographic, the hard part is over. With that keyword information in-hand, you can integrate specific keywords into your website content for online success.

Why do I need keyword research?

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search engine optimization (SEO). Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website, period. For example, let’s say you own a Yoga Studio. Incorporating keywords like “Cheeseburger” or “French Fries” into your website content will do your business no good at all. Although people do search those terms, when they land on your website they will be disappointed because your website is about Yoga, and they are looking for cheeseburgers and fries. By researching your specific market’s keyword demand, as a business owner you can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but you also learn more about your customers and their online habits.

In the end, attracting all kinds of visitors toy our site may be more hurtful than helpful. What you are really trying to accomplish, as a business owner, is to attract the RIGHT kind of visitors. When online consumers search for YOGA and your website appears, this is a win-win. Using keyword research to your benefit you are able to predict demand, product feedback, services, and content that web searchers are actively seeking.  You may also be able to respond better and more efficiently to changing market demand conditions.  In the end this makes you a more informed merchant trying to attract a more informed consumer.



“Laura’s work is very quickly done while also being extremely effective and forward-thinking. She listened to me and created a marketing plan to my precise specifications, while also being able to balance my needs/wants with her own industry knowledge of what ‘works’.” —Community Hearing Aids of CT

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