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Our Focus

Digital Marketing & Media Insights was created to provide affordable marketing services to smaller businesses. It's time for businesses of all sizes to compete on a larger scale. From WordPress website development and management to blogging and more, we've got the expert-level services to help your business succeed.
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WordPress Website Development

One of the best features of using WordPress as the platform for your business website is that WordPress is completely scalable. Hundreds or thousands of pages or blog posts can be added to your website without compromising its performance.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine optimization (SEO) focuses on supporting and boosting your website’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) placement through both on-page and off-page efforts. SEO is no longer just about simple keyword placement.

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Business Social Media Management

Consistent social media efforts increase brand awareness and give your business a face to consumers. The more social engagements a piece of content has, the more social signals you build to your website, helping complete the SEO cycle.

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Website Content Creation & Marketing

Relevant website content is the highest valued aspect of a website by Search Engines (Google, Yahoo), which use content to determine relevance when producing SERPs. The more relevant content, the higher your business is ranked.

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Blog Creation & Management

Also an integral part of the SEO cycle, blogging can be priceless when it comes to improving the ranking of your website. Because content is king online, posting consistent business blogs can give your business the SEO boost it needs to remain relevant to search engines.

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Domain Registry & Hosting

For the convenience of our clients & ease of managing our client accounts accurately and in a timely manner, we host our client websites. Using top-of-the-line servers through Amazon Web Services (AWS) we offer our clients a guaranteed 99.99% up-time and very minimal scheduled maintencance.

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E-mail Marketing

For many businesses E-Mail Marketing can be highly successful when executed correctly. We do that! From graphic design and content creation, to list management and anti-spam efforts, we’ve got all your online marketing efforts covered.

Who We Are

Digital Marketing & Media Insights (DMMI) has one primary goal: To be affordable for small business owners, while also being extremely effective. We are your answer to all your Internet marketing needs!
We stand by every client account and guarantee nothing less than 100% satisfaction.

DMMI was established in 2010 as a traditional small business marketing firm. Located in Connecticut, DMMI has now grown into a full-service digital marketing and media resource for businesses of all sizes, nationwide. Our team offers an array of detailed and customized digital marketing services to meet each client's specific marketing needs. We focus on implementing creative and unique marketing campaigns for every project, every time.

Our team is here to save your company the hassle of determining what marketing efforts work and which efforts do not. As an industry-leading team of successful marketing business professionals, it is our responsibility to eliminate the worry of marketing uncertainty and replace that with confidence backed by our more than 25 years of marketing success. Our top priority is to help your business consider the following: How to expose yourself, increase sales, an create a positive company reputation.

  • Successful project management ensures that all of our projects are implemented in an organized, accurate fashion every time.

  • With our creative and innovative staff working diligently on every client account, you are sure to receive unique results for every project.

  • DMMI offers clients experience related to graphic design, marketing, and website development, backed by over 25 years of industry experience.

  • We guarantee clients will be kept up to date regularly with progress reports and analytical results of our efforts. | | |