October 6, 2015

E-Mail Marketing


Today, email has become so integrated into our lives that no human being walks around saying he/she will quit email. Right from the beginning of an email campaign you know your message will end up in particular email inboxes. The question then becomes, How do I get recipients to open my email and not delete it right away or mark it as spam?

The concept of reach is completely different between Social Media platforms and Email accounts. When we discuss social media, typically we refer to “Potential Reach” because of the number of followers each business has, but your content only reaches a small fraction of that list. Even though E-mail is only opened by a fraction of subscribers, there is a difference. With E-mail, the actual message will reach its destination. Even if 22% of emails get lost, you’ll continue to work with more consistent potential than posting on Facebook where 74% of your messages are potentially missed.

E-Mail Marketing Analytics

The topic of measuring ROI (Return On Investment) is important to all businesses, or it should be. Email marketing efforts have a set of solid metrics that have been the standard for years: Growth, Open Rate, Click Rate, Complaints, Unsubscribes, Spam and you can take it from there and even track sales and revenue. By tracking performance metrics for each Email campaign, a business can gauge how successful each effort has been, as well as decide how to move forward with similar efforts. Businesses will continue to use whatever method of marketing produces the best results, so we need to understand what each of those results is and how successful or not an effort has been. This is where we come in!


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